Global Game Jam 2020 – in DC @ AU Game Lab

We were proud to host the 2020 Global Game Jam at American University (January 31 – February 2).

Successful jammers from our event this year (Jan. 2020) – including students from IDEA PCS who did their own jam concurrently with our main event.
Keynote by Lien Tran of Miami

Our keynote by interaction designer Lien Tran of Miami, who co-directs the NERDLab. (See below for bio.)

Who came this year? 2020 registrants included:

  • a graphic designer with significant industry experience
  • a nutrition educator, eager to make games with health benefits
  • a game designer who has developed materials for the Smithsonian

Quick links:

  • Registration on our Eventbrite site (so we can order the food!)
  • Our group page for the Global Game Jam official site
  • Directions and parking for the AU Game Lab
  • Detailed schedule
  • Welcome and instructions for registered attendees (a release form is also required for non-AU participants — see form)
  • For more on your hosts, read about our AU Game Lab faculty, our MA and MFA programs in Game Design, and our PhD program in Communication Studies.

Keynote bio (for Friday night): Lien Tran is a social impact game designer, assistant professor, and co-director of the New Experience Research and Design Lab (NERDLab) at the University of Miami. Lien often applies design thinking and human center design techniques in order to create informed, goal-directed solutions for games, apps, and emerging technologies such as VR. Her game projects typically address social justice, health, and environment issues at the local, national, and international levels. Previous game partnerships include Open Society Foundations, World Bank, United Nations, and Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre.

Have questions about our plans for the AU Global Game Jam? Contact Benjamin Stokes, our faculty lead for #GGJ20.